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By Omar Deriah - tale holdt på årsmødet 2010


I would like to thank you for the opportunity to participate in your general assembly meeting. This meeting came on a special day for all the Palestinians all over the globe, and since your party has been supporting and helping us, I would like to share with you the memory of Al-Nakba day.

Greeting from Mohammad Othman
First of all, I need to start with an apology on behalf of my friend Mohammad Othman who was supposed to give you this speech today. Mohammad has long been a human rights activist advocating an end to the occupation and its infrastructure.

Last year he was administratively detained for 3 months and kept in isolation without any charges. Last week he was informed that he is permanently banned from leaving Palestine.

Israel’s condemning of Human Rights Activism
Apparently Human Rights activists can jeopardize Israeli National Security.

So I have to assume that I am also a criminal in the eyes of the Israeli government since I will try, during my speech, to remind you about our Human Rights, which have been constantly violated over the past 62 years.

And I think you shouldn’t be also shocked if you will suddenly face charges on criminal acts for listening to this speech.

The violations in 1948 – and today

Dear comrades of the Danish Red Green Alliance, I came today carrying to you a 62 year-old memory. A memory that never stopped bringing more pictures of oppression and pain with every day passing: We still remember the genocide of Kufor Kasim and Der Yassin in ’48, and we never forgot the displacement of our grandfathers.

But our catastrophe is an ongoing story, the lands are still being stolen, the houses are still occupied by strangers and we still live as refugees all over the globe.

62 years ago the Zionist forces stole the lands from the original inhabitants. Today, while I am giving you this speech, the world is witnessing with silence the re-creation of Al Nakba on the fabric of Palestinians life and society. Land is being confiscated everyday without any attention to the International Law, and still this arrogant state introduces itself to the world as a state of democracy.

Gaza and East-Jerusalem as occupied territory
Despite the fact that East-Jerusalem by international law is considered an occupied territory, and the occupier must not in any way change the normal life of the occupied people, the Israeli government is ruthlessly breaking this law through its isolation of Jerusalem from the West Bank and the continuous attempts to transfer its people.

Since the beginning of the second intifada more than 1000 houses were demolished in East-Jerusalem, and another 5000 families were informed that they were to have their houses demolished. Just recently al Kurd and Hanoun families were evicted from their homes and replaced by Israeli settlers, this is happening while the media and the world are watching.

The memorial of al Nakba passes with more pictures from Gaza strip where more than 1,5 million Palestinians are prisoners and lack basic living need. Until today they are not allowed to repair what the Israeli military machine has destroyed.

Moreover, the Israeli government has announced the execution of its plan to move all Gaza residents, who live in West Bank back, to the strip. This plan included students, teachers and ordinary people who already built their life in West Bank. 

Thank you
Dear friends, I would like to thank you again for opportunity to be here with you on this special day, and I think having your general assembly meeting the same day of Al-Nakba memorial should be used as a reminder to the International Community that it should take responsibility and act against the atrocities being committed to my people.

It’s about time to put an end to this continuous Nakba, thanks to your solidarity and support our demand for freedom becomes lauder. And the day when we will see an independent Palestine becomes closer.  

Mandag, 31. maj 2010 - 11:09


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