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How to respond to the growing systemic crisis in Europe and globally? This is a combination of multiple crises - political, social, climate and environmental - requiring systemic alternatives. System criticism is not enough. The conference is a contribution to the debate on if and how to break with the capitalist system underlying the crises and to develop red and green alternatives?

The programme focuses on issues we have prioritized the previous years, and the public meetings we held last autumn on the fight against privatisation.

In addition to the plenary session with two speeches in the morning, we have two seminars in the afternoon: One on the fight against climate change and for ecosocialism and ecofeminism; the other about our common goods, which today are under attack from capital interests and privatization, and where popular movements and pressure from below contribute to create counter-movement and alternatives, for example in the form of de-privatisation.

With a good international panel, we hope to give the audience at the conference a unique opportunity to get new inspiration from the outside to the domestic debate and action.

Venue: HK København, Sven Aukens Plads 11, 2300 Copenhagen S

Price: 100 DKK, to be paid at the entrance.
This also covers lunch and refreshments
Registration: send email to [email protected]

Program og tilmelding på

Tidspunkt for begivenhed

Lørdag, 17. marts 2018 (Hele dagen)


HK København, Sven Aukens Plads 11, 2300 Copenhagen S

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