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MAY 2019

On Sunday May 26th 2019  for the first time the Red Green Alliance was elected to the  European Parliament. Our new member of the European Parliament is Nikolaj Villumsen (born 28 February 1983). In the European Parliament he is in the group European United Left–Nordic Green Left.

APRIL 2019

Now the People: A European New Green Deal is Necessary. While the right wing groups of the European Parliament refuse to let climate activist Greta Thunberg speak in the plenary, the six parties of the European alliance “Now the people!” unite to back up the Youth for Climate movement by proposing eight radical actions to fight climate change.


European Call for Democracy in Catalonia. The Red-Green Alliance have signed a call for democracy in Catalonia. In the call 102 european parliamentarians express thier deepest concern regarding the current situation in Catalonia and call on the Spanish government to cease in this excessive use of force.

MARCH 2017

The Nordic Left suggests a policy for peace and disarmament. Left wing parties from Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Iceland, the Faroe Islands and Greenland commits to a new initiative for a common Nordic effort for conflict reduction and disarmament, In the Baltic Sea Region.

Denmark should apologize and take actions that can alleviate problems derived by colonial rule and the sale of the former Danish West Indies. MP Nikolaj Villumsen urges the Danish Prime Minister to use the Centennial Commemoration to apologize on behalf of Denmark for decades of colonial rule and slavery, and for selling the former Danish West Indies without involving the local population and securing their civil rights. Mr. Villumsen has put forward a list of proposals for actions that Denmark could take to alleviate some of the problems derived from colonial rule and the sale.


Members of the Danish Parliament Issue Joint Statement in Support of Peace in Colombia. The MPs congratulate the Colombian people with the new peace agreement which they state is a decisive step towards a peaceful development in the continent, and an inspiration to the rest of the world. The statement underlines that the Danish government must support the implementation of the peace agreement bilaterally and in international fora.

Declaration from Danish politicians about the peace agreement in Colombia.

European left wing supports imprisoned MPs in Turkey. After the failed coup this summer, president Erdogan has intensified the process towards a more authoritarian leadership in Turkey, constraining the opposition and limiting freedom of speech.

Alternatives to the Europe of austerit. A next step in the Plan B process took place in Copenhagen 19th and 20th of November 2016. More about the Plan B Conference


The Red-Green Alliance condemns the political coup against Brazil’s President Dilma Rousseff.  

Australia's offshore refugee processing is no inspiration. It deserves condemnation. Read comment from MP Johanne Schmidt Nielsens in the Guardian after a delegation from the Danish Parlament was rejected entry into Nauru detention centre. 

JUNE 2016

Don’t trade with Western Sahara says Danish parliament: Thursday the Danish parliament unanimously passed a motion on Western Sahara that urges Danish companies and the Danish public sector not to trade with Africa’s last colony. More...

MAY 2016

The Red-Green Alliance agreed on a new EU programme during the annual congress 2016. The RGA is an internationalist socialist party. Therefore, our opposition to the EU is based on our socialist and international tenets. We are fighting for a different Europe and for a different world. More...


Fact sheet on Danish refugee policy and the position of the Red-Green Alliance: A broad majority in the Danish parliament has passed bill L 87 which introduces a long series of restrictive measures aimed at making it less attractive to seek asylum in Denmark. Internationally the focus has been directed mainly at the part of the bill that authorizes the police to take jewellery, cash and other valuables from asylum seekers in order to finance the cost of their stay in Denmark during asylum procedures. The Red-Green Alliance is against this part of the bill but does not consider it the most problematic part. The far most problematic part is the exclusion of refugees on “temporary protection status” from familiy renufication for the first three years after being granted residency. More...


The Red-Green Alliance on the result of the referendum in Denmark: On December 3 2015, the Danes voted no to ending Denmark's opt-out on the EU’s justice and home affairs rules. Enhedslisten - the Red-Green Alliance are very happy about the result, which we see as a no to less democracy and less legal certainty – but not a no to international cooperation. The Danes decided to keep the opt-out model and not pass on decisive power to the EU on important parts of Danish legal policies. At that way insisting on democracy and legal certainty. More...

The Red-Green Alliance on the referendum in Denmark: On December 3th 2015 Danes will vote on whether or not to end Denmark's opt-out on the EU’s justice and home affairs rules and at the same time join 22 specific EU legislative acts. Enhedslisten - the Red-Green Alliance recommends a NO. We are campaigning in favor of democracy and transparency. More...

JUNE  2015

Solidarity with the Greek people from the Red-Green Alliance in Denmark: The Greek government has answered the blackmail of the institutions with democracy. That is both a wise and brave decision. The Red-Green Alliance is proud to stand side by side with the Greek people and Syriza in defense of democracy and national sovereignty. More...


The Red-Green Alliance is deeply shocked and grieved by the terrorist attacks in Copenhagen against a peaceful debate meeting and against the Synagogue.

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