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Key Issues: Solidarity Works

Campaigning for the community

We believe that everyone stands to gain from supporting one another. Anyone of us can be affected by unemployment or illness. Free education gives equal opportunities for everyone to create a better life.

In Denmark the labour movement fought for decades for a society based on the principles of community, welfare and equality. As a result, Denmark is economically speaking one of the highest ranking countries in the world. When we fight against inequality and choose to strengthen our welfare system our entire society benefits.

The transition to a 100 % sustainable society relies on a strong community where we collectively take care of the planet. And rearranging things requires collective solutions: if we share the workload we can ensure more quality time for over-worked young families. This would simultaneously allow for the many people who dream of a job to enter the labour market. The Red-Green Alliance wants a truly green and sustainable society based on communal values.

We need to ask ourselves: what kind of society do we want? Inequality is rapidly increasing. Our common welfare is being slashed, and the planet reaching its limits. Let us together insist on taking care of each other, our community and nature.
Johanne Schmidt-Nielsen

Security and jobs

For the Red-Green Alliance a decent treatment of those of us who are affected by unemployment or illness is crucial. The unemployed are not to blame for the lack of jobs. And individuals should not be left alone in the fight against social dumping. Together we must create a safe labour market, more jobs and more apprenticeships.

  • -     A safe and just social safety net: prolong the unemployment benefits period; shorten the period of time necessary to recover the right to unemployment benefits; wage subsidy jobs and workfare-   jobs should count directly towards this. 
  • -     Share the workload: give young families parenting leave and let the unemployed enter the labour market.
  • -     Strengthen the struggle against social dumping and against the dumping of wages stemming from workfare-schemes.

The catastrophic slashing of the social safety net affects all of us. Losing one’s job shouldn’t lead to poverty. We want to create a labour market where we take care of one another and dare to invest in public as well as private sector jobs.
Christian Juhl

Welfare works

Our common welfare isn’t a burden. It is a huge economic and social advantage for our society. Therefore we want to invest massively to ensure a better welfare system. Public employees should not have to put up with constant bureaucratic control, and they should not be bulldozed like the teachers were during the teacher’s lockout. Our welfare should be based on the principle of mutual trust for teachers, nurses, and everyone else working for the community every day.

  • -     Rebuild the welfare system: better care for our children and the elderly. We need to secure a sustainable ratio of care workers per child and elderly. 
  • -     Stop privatizations and outsourcing initiatives: private interests should not be making money off the welfare system. Important societal tasks should not be left in the hands of corporate actors like Goldman Sachs. 
  • -     Develop our welfare system: dental care should be free and more people should be enrolled in education.

After the crisis, millions of hours of support for the elderly have been slashed. There are ever-fewer kindergarten teachers for ever-more kids. That simply isn’t acceptable. We need to be able to count on our community when we are in need of support.
Pernille Skipper

Putting the planet first

The quality of our agricultural lands is depleting. Dangerous chemicals can be found in everything we consume from children’s toys to our drinking water. Meanwhile, the global climate crisis is right at our doorstep. The planet’s condition has reached a critical level following decades of overconsumption in the rich Global North. We want to break with the idea of continuous growth. Instead we should collectively transition to a sustainable economy that stays firmly within planetary boundaries.

  • -     Invest in green technology: increase recycling of our resources and a 100% transition to renewable energy.
  • -     Remove dangerous chemicals from our surroundings: the EU’s rules are in the way of our health.
  • -     All Danish agriculture should transition to ecological practices: this will spare nature and provide us with healthy food and clean drinking water.

We want to fundamentally change Denmark and make sure that concerns for the environment inform public policies. The green transition is more than a windmill here and there. Instead of growth and consumption we want people and the planet to be the cornerstones of society.
Maria Gjerding

Equality lifts us all

Equality is not only just. Equal societies are safer, they fare better economically, and crime rates are lower than other societies. Reducing the gap between rich and poor is therefore at the core of the Red-Green Alliance’s politics. We want better opportunities for people to create good lives, no matter who they are.

  • -     Social tax-reform: lower taxes on lower incomes. Higher taxes on wealth, high incomes and capital rewards. 
  • -     Raise the especially low allowance levels for recipients under 25, and scrap the dependent-requirement entirely. 
  • -     Better conditions for those experiencing long-term illness: put an end to the time limit on the benefits for ill people.

Inequality is growing. Wealth is accumulating at the top of society. At the same time, many people are living in abject poverty. That is why the rich and large corporations should contribute more to society and we need to raise the lowest incomes.
Finn Sørensen

A community transcends borders

Not since World War II have so many people been forced to flee from their homes. Denmark cannot shelter them all. But we can and must take our share of responsibility. This requires more support to refugees around the world, proper development policies and refocusing our international efforts away from military intervention and towards peaceful and sustainable political solutions.

  • -     Stop the immigration-squeeze: refugees should be allowed to have their kids and partners in Denmark.
  • -     Better integration assistance: more resources for Danish lessons for refugees in the municipalities.
  • -     Stop Fort Europe: we need proper rescue-missions in the Mediterranean, and establish a system that fairly distributes refugees around Europe.

Socialist values

Too many important decisions concerning all of us are shaped by corporate interests – people who no one ever voted for. They have the power to throw millions of us into unemployment while plundering and destroying the planet. The Red-Green Alliance wants a society where all of us not at the top of society are given more influence over the economy. We want a society where people and the planet come before the profits of a select few corporate actors. If we pull Denmark in a socialist direction we can, together, create a more green and free Denmark – a place of true solidarity.

The Red-Green Alliance is proud to call ourselves socialist. For us, equality is the key to a better society for all. We don’t want a society based on constant competition. Together we are stronger.
Stine Brix

We can afford the common good

  • -     Financial transactions tax. Speculative trading in stocks must be taxed: 5 billion DKK pr. year.
  • -     Rewards on capital taxed like wage-labour. Work-free income, like dividends on stocks, should be taxed like earnings made off real labour: 4.4 billion DKK pr. year
  • -     Reintroduction of the wealth tax. Large fortunes must be taxed, e.g. by 1% on fortunes of more than 3 million DKK pr. year: 1.4 billion DKK pr. year
  • -     Millionaire tax. Introduction of a tax of 10% on income above 1 million DKK: 2.5 billion DKK pr. year.
  • -     Invest in welfare and a green transition.
  • -     Increase the number of care-workers available for our children and the elderly.
  • -     Tax deductions for those who have the least.
  • -     A decent income for people hit by sickness or unemployment.

We do not have large banks and corporations supporting us. But we have each other and we need you. Choose the community with us.

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